Onsite CART

Using Onsite CART Services,your CART provider will simultaneously translate any dialogue at 170-250 words per minute with a minimum of 99% accuracy. CART is displayed as a full screen of dialogue whereas captioning displays two or three lines of text with a video picture.

Our CART providers are very discrete. We provide a netbook complete with viewing software so our clients can receive the CART transcription confidentially. Although we supply all of the equipment needed for onsite assignments, our clients are also welcome to use their own computer, if they prefer.

With the viewing software supplied, you will be able to follow the dialogue in realtime, providing the opportunity to comprehend and be fully engaged in the moment.  The viewing software we use is very user friendly and allows you to:

  • scroll back in case you missed something;
  • do a quick search of the text;
  • make notes directly into the CART software;
  • copy and paste or mark the text if it’s an item of particular interest.

If you are using your own computer, we will provide you with software at no cost, so that you can go back later to view the notes that you made.

A La CARTe offers peace of mind when utilizing CART at your conference.

A La CARTe has provided onsite CART services for many colleges, high schools, the IRS, business meetings and conferences. We have experience hooking up to jumbotrons, projectors and monitors and are experienced with many different solutions to fit your needs.

Benefits of CARTe
  • Equal access
  • Complete communication access
  • Flexibility
  • Independent learning/understanding
  • Increased learning potential
  • Full participation
  • Choice of notetaking options
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