Our Founder

President/Owner Jana Colter, RPR, RMR, CRR, CCP, CBC

I began my career as a freelance court reporter in 1991. I entered the CART arena in 2000, while still doing freelance work. In 2005, CART became my passion and I gave up freelance reporting. I began working at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati providing on-site and remote CART. My experience includes captioning Gallaudet University’s commencement activities in 2009, captioning the University of Cincinnati’s graduations from 2007 to present, and being part of the captioning team for the Hearing Loss of Association of America’s annual conference.

I was the Chair of the National Court Reporter’s Association CART Community of Interest for two years, and I am still very involved with the ongoing innovations emerging in the CART field. I am also on a team of CART providers that conduct weekend workshops teaching other court reporters and CART providers how to provide the best CART services possible. Several presentations that I have given include CARTology, CART concepts, Post Secondary Educational CART, Ethics and Sensitivity, Bridging the Communication Gap, and Classroom Accommodations, all to a wide variety of audiences including the National Court Reporters Association, the Hearing Loss Association of America, the Ohio Court Reporters Association, as well as several schools and other venues.

Being a Certified Advanced Eclipse Trainer enables me to help captioners with software issues they may encounter as well as become more proficient in the use of the captioning/CART software to provide a superior service.

Currently, as the President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, I exercise my leadership skills by effectively dealing with challenges that arise in the court reporting field. During my tenure, one objective I am working toward is to raise awareness of hearing loss and the need for CART and captioning. I am promoting the education of both consumers and providers so they will know what to expect from a quality CART experience and how to find quality CART providers.

In May of 2009, I was captain of a Walk4Hearing Team. Our Team, CARTwheels, came in third place and raised over $1,600 for the Hearing Loss Association of America.

I am in the process of studying ASL and acquiring a Deaf Studies Certificate.

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  • Increased learning potential
  • Full participation
  • Choice of notetaking options
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