Remote Services

A La CARTe provides remote CART services to many clients for whom an onsite service is impractical.  Remote CART is very easy to set up and involves use of a wireless microphone or phone line  to allows A La CARTe to hear what is being said.  The CART provider uses specialized software and a stenograph machine to translate at speeds exceeding 240 words per minute.  This allows the consumer to see the translated text instantaneously on to a laptop or smart phone.  As a result, any individual receiving the CART transcription can do so very discreetly, since they only need a computer or smart phone to receive the text as it is spoken.

Many individuals who are not hard of hearing my choose to access the CART dialogue, as they are able to have the content of the audio captured and preserved, and are able to

  • scroll back in case they missed something;
  • do a quick search of the text;
  • make notes directly into the CART software;
  • copy and paste or mark the text if it’s an item of particular interest.


Benefits of CARTe
  • Equal access
  • Complete communication access
  • Flexibility
  • Independent learning/understanding
  • Increased learning potential
  • Full participation
  • Choice of notetaking options
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