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Receiving remote CART in the classroom will allow for complete freedom and anonymity. With just a computer and a wireless microphone, the student is all set to receive the classroom lecture in realtime. Having the text on the computer screen in case clarification is needed during the lecture empowers the student to fully engage in the classroom dynamic and increases the opportunity for learning potential.

If you are utilizing CART in a classroom setting, having CART available to you offers you inclusion and active participation in the classroom setting. If the institution allows, students can also receive notes from the lecture. The notes can be used in many different ways: to help the student while studying for tests or as a refresher to make sure that they understood everything the professor was saying, or as a resource when completing projects. The notes are searchable. You can copy and paste the notes. The notes can be sent to the student in many different formats. Unless otherwise specified, they are provided in an RTF format so they can be used with many popular word processing programs.

Institutions can ensure they are following the law when their students ask for CART in the classroom as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act and the IDEA.

A La CARTe strives to make things easy for the disability resource department, doing the testing of the equipment with the student and making sure that the equipment and connections are working properly. We also send the students a checklist so they will know exactly how to log onto the program and get started. We are available to our students on Yahoo Instant Messenger during class time in the event they may have any questions that we can answer.

Benefits of CARTe
  • Equal access
  • Complete communication access
  • Flexibility
  • Independent learning/understanding
  • Increased learning potential
  • Full participation
  • Choice of notetaking options
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