“Jana Colter has been supporting our local chapter of HLAA for two years.  I have worked with several CART translators and Jana is the most accurate of any I have ever seen.  She is also so very adaptable to various situations.   And she is fun!”
Linda Fowler

“A La CARTe Connection provides an invaluable service to our school district, allowing an Honors student the ability to participate in daily classroom activities, lectures and discussions.  A La CARTe came to our building to listen to staff and explore our unique needs.   They made it a priority to assign a transcriber who was extremely professional, flexible and well prepared in the vocabulary and complexity of the curriculum.   Once a relationship was established, I could set up A La CARTe service for a day or for an extended time with a simple phone call or email.   Working with A La CARTe Connection throughout the school year has been a pleasure!”
Sue Ferris M.Ed
High School Intervention Specialist
Sycamore Community School District

Benefits of CARTe
  • Equal access
  • Complete communication access
  • Flexibility
  • Independent learning/understanding
  • Increased learning potential
  • Full participation
  • Choice of notetaking options
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  • Accessibility
  • CART/Captioning
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • eLearning/Classroom
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Executive Support
  • Employee Support
  • Webinars
  • Media Conversion
  • Time Coding
  • Web Captioning