• A La Carte Connection
    Providing real time speech to text captioning services
    • 99% Accurate
    • Instantaneous relay of speech
  • Real time speech to text captioning
    Enhances accessibility, comprehension and engagement with your audience
    • Increase accessibility for
    deaf and hard of hearing
    • Improve comprehension for
    English as a second language
    •Retention for all participants
    • Delivery On or Off Site
  • Captioning Web Videos improves Indexing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Never miss meeting content again
    We can stream to your phone in real time

    We help organizations, educators, and speakers communicate effectively in real time to audiences who are hard of hearing, deaf, or who use English as a second language.

    A La CARTe Connection offers:

    • Accurate services
    • Fast realtime captioning services

    What is realtime captioning?
    With realtime captioning, text transcriptions of spoken presentations or dialogue are simultaneously prepared and transmitted by specially trained realtime captioners using a stenotype machine. The stenotype machine is connected to a computer with software that translates stenographic shorthand into words in caption formats and standard spellings. Realtime captioners can create captions at speeds of over 225 words per minute.


    Benefits of CARTe
    • Equal access
    • Complete communication access
    • Flexibility
    • Independent learning/understanding
    • Increased learning potential
    • Full participation
    • Choice of notetaking options
    • Accessibility
    • CART/Captioning
    • Turnkey Solutions
    • eLearning/Classroom
    • Meetings
    • Events
    • Executive Support
    • Employee Support
    • Webinars
    • Media Conversion
    • Time Coding
    • Web Captioning